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Enables Educators, Publishers, Coaching Centers & Trainers / Professors to conduct any types of online examination. Instructors can now manage question papers very easily, They can create Question Bank, Certification Examination Questions, Mock Examination, etc.

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  • Exams


    • Exams can be conducted for any number of batches from any courses.
    • Questions and answers can be randomized.
    • Time based exam.
    • Configure marks and penalty for each questions.
    • Exam results can be viewed instantly once student submit examination or if time is up.
  • Mock Exams

    Mock Exams

    • Students can check each and every question they attempted along with their answer and correct answer.
    • If exam is terminated in between due to power failure, network issues or any other problem, it will be resumed from where students have left the exam.
    • Students can see explanation associated with each question.
    • Students can practice topics at any time.
  • Analyzing Performance

    Analyzing Performance

    • Performance graph
    • View question statistics
    • Performance chart presents a concise.
    • Graphical representation for student’s performance in Exam and Mock Exam
  • Results


    • Instant Results.
    • Clear and full answer description for ecah question.
    • Easy mark based evaluation process.
    • Graphical performance analysis.
  • Question Bank

    Question Bank

    • Multiple choice questions.
    • Add pictures & videos to the questions.
    • Supports to write formulas and equations.
    • Categorize questions.
    • Import Questions.
  • Study Material

    Study Material

    • Add Study material and Self-learning material.
    • Easy download option from anywhere.
    • Students find it easy to learn on their own.
    • Enable students to gauge their learning on the topics covered in the unit and to keep them active throughout the learning process.
  • Discussion Forum

    Discussion Forum

    • Students have the flexibility to reflect on their thoughts and read the responses of others.
    • Effective forum topics are open-ended and designed to encourage students to take a position on issues.
    • Students can learn about the content from another perspective.
    • Students experience a professional communication process.
    • Students can typically and freely share ideas on how you could improve your offerings.
  • CMS Website

    CMS Website

    • Customized Design Template
    • Content Management Option
    • Media Management
  • Notification & Alerts

    Notification & Alerts

    • Students get a notification when new discussion is posted or any exam / mock exam added.
    • Notify through the system and through E-mail
    • Students can update the latest activities on the system through notification
  • Student Manager

    Student Manager

    • Manage students data.
    • Group students in to batches.
    • View their performance graph.
    • Connect with parents data.
  • Staff Manager

    Staff Manager

    • Manage staff data.
    • Manage discussion forum.
    • Manage question bank.
    • Create and allocate exam and mock exam.
  • Course


    • Manage multiple courses.
    • Manage batches.
    • Study material and self-learning material option.
  • Institute


    • Manage different branch.
    • Centralized data management facility.
    • Data privacy and security.
    • Centralized exam management.




  • Focus on your core areas & allowed to take care of your exam process
  • Section wise exam attending Option
  • Mock Exam Will improve the exam attending speed
  • Clear and full answer description
  • Study Material Support
  • Students gets notified through E-mail
  • Quickly identify your strengths and weaknesses


  • Instructors can now manage question papers very easily
  • Import Question Bank
  • Study Material Support
  • Randomized presentation of question
  • Graphical analysis
  • Individual students Performance analysis
  • Multiple Language support
  • Discussion Forum


  • Parents can analyze their son/daughters Performance
  • Parents can compare the performance of his son/daughter’s with overall class performance

Add-ons & Integration

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Mobile application provide you to attend exam through mobile device or tablets and they can download study material too.
It includes

  • Exam
  • Mock Exam
  • Study material
  • Extra features to be included.
Multiple Language

Multiple Language

Zusaa can make it your own language, it provide complete, compatible and dependable translation method.
We can translate

  • Exams / Mock Exam options
  • Menus / Buttons
  • Theme’s texts.
  • Support majority languages


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